How Much Does Evaporative Cooling Cost To Run

Evaporative coolers are one of the best air conditioners to have to resist the high heat of the environment. But these coolers are not the same as other air conditioners. This is because they use water as their source of cooling. Additionally, they do not have a very big size and can be easily kept at a place. In case your place has a low level of humidity, evaporative coolers can be very helpful for your place. Moreover, these coolers are eco-friendly as they do not have a bad impact on the environment. Also, they have a fresh air outflow. Therefore, it is a very good and wise decision to have an evaporative cooler at a place. Do you know how much does evaporative cooling costs to run?

Factors Affecting The Running Cost Of Evaporative Cooler

The majority of people say that evaporative coolers are the most energy-efficient and effective air conditioners. But do you know how much does evaporative cooling costs to run? So, here are the factors which affect its running cost:

  • Pump – Evaporative coolers use water as their source of cooling. Therefore, these coolers have a simple mechanism. The water falling over the surrounding pads creates a fresh and cool bloom. In this process, there is a small pump required which allows the water to fall over the pads. Moreover, these pumps do not require a lot of energy to run. Therefore, a very small amount of electricity will be essential for running the water pump.
  • Motor – The motor which is used in the evaporative coolers varies in size on the basis of cooler type. But the common factor among them all is that none of them are very heavy and require a lot of electricity. Therefore, the running cost of these motors will not affect you much more than that of other air conditioners.
  • Fan – The fans used in the evaporative coolers are light in weight. Also, they have a very high longevity. Therefore, they do not resist the angular velocity of the motor. Hence, it will not affect the efficiency of the motor. Therefore, there will be less usage of electricity while the cooler is running.

How Much Does Evaporative Cooling Cost To Run

The wattage of evaporative air conditioners varies from 200 watts to 1000 watts. Therefore, if a 200-watt air cooler runs for 5 hours a day, it will consume 1kWh power of electricity a day. Relating this can help you find out how much does evaporative cooler costs to run.

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Few people tend to use air conditioning systems only in the summer while others can not survive without an air conditioner in all seasons. One way or another, the thought of how often you should get your air conditioner serviced must have emerged in your mind. Some people claim that it is necessary to get your AC system serviced every year. However, some of them say you can use your air conditioning system for as long as 2-3 years before getting it serviced.

The main difference between the two situations is that an AC unit serviced every year will work efficiently and remain in tip-top condition for a longer period of time. Whereas, an AC unit serviced 2-3 years will barely cool down your room temperature and will need repair more often than usual. Now, the choice is yours, if you are okay with a barely working air conditioning system or not.

Apart from that, here is why it is highly recommended to service your air conditioning system every year.

It Will Helps Your AC System Run Smoothly In The Summer

After remaining shut for all winters, your AC unit loses its efficiency. Therefore, it is essential to get your AC services at the end of the spring to give a kick start to your HVAC system to work efficiently in summers. Moreover, getting your AC unit serviced just before summer will eliminate any risks of sudden breakdowns during the season. So, make sure to hire a professional to give a head start to your HVAC system. 

Repair Costs Are More Excessive Than Maintenance

An air conditioning system is one of those machines whose repair costs are more than replacement costs. Therefore, it is ideal to keep your air conditioning system maintained at all times by giving it the servicing that it needs every year. Almost half of the potential repair needs can be avoided when you have regular maintenance servicing of your HVAC system. Imagine, how much will you be saving up by taking good care of your cooling system. 

No Maintenance, No Warranty

All air conditioning systems come with warranties. However, the major brands of air conditioning systems only help you with the warranty when you have had regular maintenance of your system. Yes, some high-end brands of HVAC systems mention in the warranty that replacement of parts will only be taken care of those air conditioning systems that have had regular professional maintenance services. So, if you are looking forward to being able to enjoy the benefits of a warranty then make sure you are following all the guidelines. 

Prolongs The Lifespan And Efficient Working Of Your AC Unit

Regular maintenance is a preventive measure that can detect all the needs of repairs in your air conditioning system before it is too late. Not only regular maintenance saves you by 50% from the expenses of repair services but it also ensures the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Maintenance services keep your air conditioning systems in tip-top shape that results in a prolonged lifespan of your systems. 

The efficiency of your HVAC system can go down by approximately 5% every year without maintenance services. If you are not looking forward to a permanently damaged air conditioning system in a few years then make sure you take care of it. 

AC System Service
AC System Service

Schedule Your Appointments Early

People call for professionals during the summer months. These months are the busiest for the technicians to be available. Therefore, it is highly recommended to schedule an appointment at the end of the spring semester. 

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